MEDIcard: Electronic Employee ID For All TUM Employees At The Hospital Rechts der Isar

Since September 2011, all areas of the main campus of the university hospital Klinikum Rechts der Isar have been equipped with automated uniform dispensers. The following factors were central in the hospital's decision to implement an automated dispenser and return system:

  • Around-the-clock availability of clean uniforms 
  • Unlimited availability 
  • No deposits
  • Delivery on clothes hangers for improved appearance 

Uniforms are now available only through the new automated dispensers.

Identification with the MediCard

All hospital employees require an electronic employee ID to utilize the new system. TUM employees who work at the hospital must obtain their ID from the university, not the clinic.

Photo Upload via TUMonline

We therefore ask that you upload a photo via TUMonline ( ) by clicking on the "TUMcard passport photograph upload" in your employee profile and sending us an e-mail to with your name, date of birth and TUM ID (e.g. "go42tum") to apply for the card. If the upload function is not working or is not available, you can apply and send the photo via e-mail to

Please keep the following in mind:

A passport photo template and specifications can be downloaded from the Bundesdruckerei:

  • Passport photos should be 35 × 45 mm (portrait, no border). Distance from top of head to chin must be between 32 and 36 mm (digital pictures should adhere to an aspect ratio of 7 to 9, 204x270 pixels, max. file size = 500 kb, JPG/GIF/TIF/PNG file formats permitted).
  • The face must be well illuminated and photographed against a neutral, light-gray background. Lighting effects and shadowed backgrounds are not permitted. Eyeglass reflections should be avoided. 
  • The face area may not be covered.
  • No parts of uniforms can be visible. 
  • If you are required to wear a head covering for religious reasons (religious community or order), the entire face must still be recognizable.
  • The facial expression must be neutral (serious) and the mouth must be closed. 
  • he photo must be taken from the front and the nose must be positioned on the middle line. Profile images are not accepted. 

Carefule Use Of Te MediCard

The ID card remains the property of TUM. The card loses validity as a form of identification once you leave the university and it must be returned to the central IT department.

Use the ID card with care and protect it from the following: 

  • Deformation caused by bending or heavy pressure 
  • Extreme heat or cold, such as in an automobile 
  • Scratching, imprinting, adhesives, hole punching 
  • Dirt and grime

Should your ID card become lost or stolen, contact us immediately per e-mail.

Other TUM Employees: Application for the PersonalCard

These rules apply only to TUM employees who work at the university hospital Klinikum Rechts der Isar. All other TUM employees can apply for an ID card, which can be used in the cafeterias and libraries. Further information

Any Questions?

For any questions related to the ID card for university hospital employees, please contact the central IT team at