Identity Management

TUM provides a central directory (LDAP, active directory) containing all employee, student, guest and alumni identities. The directory also includes system accounts and groups. The identities are administered through the TUMonline campus management system, which is also used to manage the mail system.

Further information:

Central Directory

The directory can be used to access up-to-date personal data, as well as to customize restricted access to legal and organizational elements of your own system. At the simplest level, the identity management sys-tem can be used as an authentication and authorizing instance, as well as for inquiries related to data about specific people.

If required and with the appropriate clearances based on data privacy laws, all or part of the databases can be transferred to your own systems.

Active Directory (AD)

The central active directory (AD) is provided by the LRZ. TUM utilizes it to manage identities, rights, computers and IT resources. The users and groups are extracted from TUMonline for provisioning by the AD. Rights management is handled by local administrators who assume this responsibility within their own organisation. Proprietary hardware, such as data storage for the department, can be connected at any time.

System accounts

A system account enables the use of it services for non personal computer systems (e.g. printer, scanner, ...).