Network Planning and Management

Basic services such as the network infrastructure, sub networks, IP addresses, DHCP servers, DNS entries, Internet access (including for conferences), public WiFi access (lecture halls, seminar rooms), VLANs and firewalls are provided by LRZ at no cost as part of the underlying services provisioning agreement. Costs can incur for new connections or for services that are not part of the basic provisioning agreement.

Network Backbone

All TUM buildings, as well as LMU, the Munich University of Applied Sciences and the Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences, are connected via the Munich Research Network (MWN), which also provides access to the German Research Network (DFN) and the Internet. 

Local Network Planning

The IT Service Center offers local network planning assistance at no cost through the LRZ.

Network Management

The IT Service Center offers management and maintenance of the organization's network infrastructures (active and passive network components) through the LRZ.


Upon request, a firewall service can be installed at no cost at the transit points between the local network and external networks (other organisations, MWN, Internet).

Public Network Access during Events

For events such as conferences, seminars and workshops, the network can be set up so that all participants have Internet and MWN access without validating or installing VPN client software.