General security tips for mobile devices

An overview of the most important security tips, which are also recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI):

Sharing telephone numbers

Use caution when sharing your mobile telephone number. Verify unknown telephone numbers before calling back and refrain from calling back unknown service numbers.

Eavesdropping protection

Telephone calls using GSM technology (mobile standard for voice and data) are not eavesdrop-proof. If possible, avoid mobile phones when discussing confidential information. If you frequently need to share sensitive information via a mobile telephone, consider purchasing one that offers encryption.

Wireless interfaces

Make a habit of deactivating wireless interfaces, such as WiFi and Bluetooth, when they are not needed. Connect to other Bluetooth devices (pairing) only in secure environments, or if possible utilize devices that feature Bluetooth version 2.1 with secure simple pairing.

Applications (Apps)

Install apps only from trustworthy sources. Some manufacturers inform users of the data and functions to which the respective app has access rights. In these cases, make absolutely sure the access rights are really necessary.

Security updates

Make a habit of installing the latest security updates for the installed software and the operating system being used. Avoid software from unknown or untrustworthy sources.

SIM cards

If you lose your mobile telephone, immediately have your SIM card blocked. Tip: if you utilize TUM Exchange, you can set up anti-theft protection for your smartphone or tablet.