Vulnerability Scanning

In accordance with the University Contract 2023, the IT Security Office (Stabsstelle IT-Sicherheit) has been carrying out a scan of the devices accessible via the network within the TUM networks since the beginning of 2023. The scans run periodically 1-2 times a month and originate from the IP address (or within the central administration).

The network managers ("Netzverantwortliche") are automatically informed about the vulnerabilities found if they are rated "Medium" or "High". A PDF report containing information on the vulnerabilities accessible from the network is attached to the e-mail notifications.

Alternatively, network administrators with a TUM ID who are registered with the LRZ can also log into the portals directly.
Administrators who are registered there, e.g. with a SIM ID, cannot do this until they are registered at the LRZ with their TUM ID.
Members of higher-level institutions, e.g. Vice Deans Information Office or members of the School IT, are welcome to contact the staff unit so that they can gain access.

These portals can be accessed from the MWN network or from the eduVPN at the following addresses:

  • For IPv4 networks that belong to the Munich Scientific Network (i.e. IP addresses beginning with 10, 192.168 and 172.16-172.32):
  • For IPv4 networks that can be reached from the Wide Area Network (WAN):
  • For networks belonging to the central administration (ZV):
  • Networks that follow the IPv6 standard are currently not scannable for technical reasons.
  • Networks that run behind a firewall or virtual firewall of the LRZ cannot currently be scanned centrally for us.
    • Mobile scanners are available for this purpose, which can be sent by internal mail.
    • Alternatively, instructions can be sent on how organisations can scan their networks themselves.

If you have any questions, please contact the staff unit at