Guest Card

Information about the TUM Guest Card

TUM Guest Card

Guests of the TUM can apply for a Guest Card. The Guest Card serves as

  • ID (with picture)
  • Library card (barcode on reverse)
  • Payment card for Student Union/Mensa (cafeteria)

The Guest Card is contactless, i.e. it need only be held up to the reader to be read, debited or credited.

Applying for a Guest Card

To apply for a Guest Card, you must:

  1. have a valid guest account (see for details), 
  2. upload a passport-style photo to your TUMonline account (for details see, except point 4.))
  3. send an email to IT Support ( with the subject “Guest Card application” together with your TUM ID, first and last name.

You will then be notified by email when the card is ready.

Validation and Signature

To be fully activated, the Guest Card must first be signed and validated once. If your guest status expires and is extended at a later date, the Guest Card must be revalidated.

Location of the Validating Stations

TUM Main Campus

At the Main Campus, Arcisstr. 21, 80333 München, you'll find two validating stations in the lobby of the admissions office, located to the left and right of the staircase leading to the library.

TUM School of Education

At the Marsstraße 20-22, you'll find one validating station in Room 130 (Departmental Student Council "Lehrertum") during opening hours.

Garching Campus

At the Garching Campus, validating stations are located near the entrance to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, on the left near the lockers behind a column.
Other stations are located near the entrance to the Department of Informatics, off to the left (past the cafeteria and the restrooms) built into the wall.
In the department of chemistry, near the entrance of the Cip-Pools.
In the foyer of the physics building.

Olympia Park Campus

At the Olympia Park Campus, you'll find a validating station across from the cafeteria next to the 'Geräteausgabe' (equipment desk).

TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan

At the WZW, stations are located in the staircase near the mail room and in the entrance of the library.

TUM Campus Straubing

At Campus Straubing, stations are located in the library near the lockers.

Loading the Card

You can reload your Guest Card with cash at any charging station in the Student Union. Card charging stations are available in all canteens and cafeterias of the Student Union at TUM. There are also various Touch Points (including hot drink machines and snack machines) where you can reload your card. The Guest Card can be loaded with the following amounts: €5, €10, €20 and €50.

Storing the Card

We recommend that you take good care of your Guest Card to ensure its longevity. You should avoid:

  • bending the Guest Card (risk of breakage and contact wear)
  • introducing a slight curve in the card (problems with recording data on the TRW Stripe during validation)
  • washing it or bringing it into contact with other liquids or chemicals
  • exposing it to high temperatures
  • getting the Guest Card dirty
  • storing it near a debit card

Loss, Theft or Damage

Please report the loss, defect or theft of your Guest Card immediately by sending an email to IT Support (

Make sure to have your library number deactivated in one of the branch libraries as soon as possible in order to prevent misuse. A new library number will be assigned when the Guest Card is reissued. Please update your library number after reissue in one of the branch libraries at TUM.


The Guest Card becomes invalid when your official stay as a guest at TUM ends. Please forfeit your Guest Card to IT Support at the end of your stay.