Communication and Collaboration

Communicating and collaborating online via web conferences, wikis, Sync+Share and other.

Chat with Matrix

The open source system Matrix at offers students, employees and guests of TUM the possibility to exchange information easily, securely, quickly and conveniently in their own chat rooms.

Shared mailboxes and groups

With the TUMonline function objects you can create shared mailboxes, e.g. for a workgroup, and manage groups of people, e.g. for permissions on the central storage or in the wiki system.


Via GigaMove all members of TUM have a tool for the secure exchange of web-based files as large as 2 gigabytes with external partners.


GitLab is a distributed version management software. It can be used as a tool for collaborative software management as well as a version control system for your thesis.

Online forms

Employees can create an online form by using the central Confluence Wiki system.


The "ShareLaTeX @ TUM" online editor allows TUM members to quickly and easily work on LaTeX documents together.


For work group collaboration, LRZ offers the use of a team site on its Microsoft Office SharePoint server (MOSS).


The LRZ Sync+Share service allows you to securely save your data, synchronize it across multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and also share and exchange it with others around the world.

Scheduler Foodle

TUM members can use the Foodle scheduler of the German Scientific Network (DFN) for fast and easy coordination of events.

Web-meetings and chat via Zoom

Zoom / TUM-Conf ist ein Angebot zur Unterstützung der Online-Lehre. Die Nutzung erfolgt auf freiwilliger Basis. Mehr Informationen.


Web/Video Conferences with Meet

All TUM members can use the LRZ web conferencing system Meet in fast and easy way via a web browser.


Collecting and sharing knowledge: For a fast and uncomplicated collaboration in small work groups all TUM members can use the wiki system free of charge.