Facebook, Twitter & Co: guidelines for using social networks

More and more people are using social networks and platforms such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The term "social media" refers to platforms and networks based on so-called Web 2.0 technology that provide users the opportunity to share information such as photos, videos, experiences and opinions.

Social networks pose a risk

Social networks expand the opportunities for communication in unimaginable ways. They also pose a risk if they are utilized carelessly or irresponsibly.

Guidelines for using social media

In response to this trend, the Bavarian government has drawn up a set of guidelines designed to sensitize state employees to the challenges associated with the private use of social networks. The responsible use of social networks ensures a capable and functioning public service sector, while providing legal protection to civil service employees.

The guidelines address a number of important issues related to the private use of social media such as: 

  • The obligation to behave impartially, even in one's private sphere, and to handle work-related information in a confidential manner. 
  • Being aware that information and opinions can be propagated and made public in extreme ways.
  • Being aware that linking one's official capacities and private behavior demands a high degree of responsibility.
  • The recommendation to generally use caution when working with social media in the Internet. 

Additional information is available under http://www.it.tum.de/information-hilfe/richtlinien/dienstvereinbarung-zur-nutzung-von-it-diensten-der-tum-auszug/