Alternatives to Doodle and other collaborative tools

In everyday life, appointment requests via Doodle or data exchange with Dropbox are very practical. However, it is worth considering alternative services with similar functionality. After all, data protection and data security should not be neglected in the business environment.

After all, the use of commercial and yet seemingly free services is problematic. Critical issues include data protection, the transfer of confidential data to untrustworthy services and the financing of these services via advertisements and the transfer of user data.

For this reason, we present offers from the TUM, the LRZ, the DFN, the Bavarian government and offers under free licenses and services certified by trustworthy authorities as possible replacements.

Voting, communication and collaboration

Type Service name Provider Information
Webmail LRZ TUM Mail
Meeting scheduler / simple polling / voting MyVote TUM MyVote
  DFN-Terminplaner DFN Terminplaner
Videoconference LRZ meet.lrz
  DFNconf DFN VideoConference
Evaluation evaSys TUM evaSys
Instant messaging Jabber TUM Jabber XMPP
  Jabber TUM myTUM Jabber
Wiki TUM Wiki TUM / LRZ TUM Wiki
Document Processing ShareLaTeX TUM ShareLaTeX

Data sharing

Type Service name Provider Information
Cloud storage (synchronization over multiple devices and sharing with other persons) Sync&Share LRZ Sync&Share
Data sharing Gigamove DFN Gigamove
Public download (web) directory NAS-Filer LRZ Info NAS
Online workgroup storage TeamDrive TeamDrive Deutscher Cloudspeicher-Anbieter mit dem Datenschutz-Gütesiegel des Unabhängigen Landeszentrums für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein

Services that can be integrated into your website

Type Service name Provider Information
Forms For those using a central Typo instance: e-mail forms from Typo3
Please note that these forms are supplied without https. A secure connection - in other words https - is required for collecting personal data however. Please use the below-named server if applicable.
  TUM webforms TUM TUM webforms
  Feedback/contact form: portal TUM Documentation
Short URL Short URLs for TUM, myTUM and MWN addresses TUM Short URLs
  For those using a central TYPO3 instance: shortened URL in TYPO3 TUM
Geodata/Maps BayernAtlas State Office for Surveying and Geoinformation BayernAtlas
  Open Street Map OpenStreetMap Community
Video streaming service Multimedia streaming server LRZ Video Server