Digital certificates (as for example X.509 PKIX certificates) are the foundation for secure communication on today's Internet. Most Internet users have seen such certificates when using HTTPS to securely access a web site. But besides giving evidence to users that  they accesses the "right" website, certificates can be used for a large variety of additional use cases. For this reason, TUM provides X.509 certificates for both users and servers free of charge in collaboration with the DFN.

On this page you can find information what kind of certificates TUM provides for its members and how to register for user or server certificates.

Use of certificates at the TUM

We have summarized some information and rules about certificates at the TUM for you.

User Certificates

Certificates for users are the digital equivalent to an identity card: using such certificates, users can digitally proof their identity, for example in e-mails.

Server Certificates

In collaboration with DFN-PKI, TUM issues server certificates for a large variety of use cases.