Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The TUM enhanced its leadership team with the addition of a Chief Information Office (CIO) in 2001. With this position, the university pledges to improve the effectiveness of all information and communications processes.

While the wide range of activities supported by electronic information processing is centralized at modern universities to some extent, most are distributed within the schools and colleges and their individual departments. Among other things, this includes providing researchers and students with

  • Computer workstations, 
  • Electronic libraries,
  • Multimedia facilities,
  • Chip card systems for billing/accounting and safeguard systems,
  • Online services from student registration and fully-automated exam monitoring to certificate generation,
  • Promotion and external image of the schools and colleges, 
  • Electronic processing of cost-benefit calculations as a prerequisite for the performance/needs-based distribution of materials,

In addition to the general optimization of the TUM IT infrastructure, one of the main responsibilities of the CIO is overseeing these various activities. 

The CIO is chair of the CIO/IO committee at the TUM.  

The current TUM CIO is Senior Vice President for IT-Systems and Services Dr.-Ing. Alexander Braun.

Foto von Alexander Braun

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Braun

Technische Universität München