Digital Transformation Office (DXO)

The Digital Transformation Office (DXO) has the central responsibility for receiving ideas, requests and needs relating to the digitalization of processes, tasks and activities from TUM employees. The DXO is tasked with analyzing these impulses, setting priorities and identifying synergies between them or with projects already underway. If applicable it creates the appropriate documentation for defining projects.

Every TUM employee has the right to contact the DXO and propose his or her own ideas and receive a transparent response.

Submission of Ideas

To submit ideas on digitalization, please use the idea portal (log-in with TUM ID). The process for every idea is outlined here. You can see the current status of your idea based on the status icon:

The idea has been submitted and is awaiting review.

There is already a product with comparable functionality.

A similar idea already exists.

The idea is briefly evaluated in terms of costs/effort and benefits.

The idea is unlikely to be implemented in the near future.

The idea was presented to a committee and a need identified. The idea now becomes a demand.

The idea was evaluated and analyzed in detail and passed on to the Project Management Office.

The idea was implemented.

For further questions, please contact