TUMonline - Information for Applicants and Students

TUMonline helps you easily organize your application and studies via the Internet. You can register for seminars and examinations, change personal information like your address, communicate with lecturers and seminar participants, and much more.

To help you get started with TUMonline (campus.tum.de), we have put together a selection of important information.


All information and manuals concerning the online application can be found at the TUM homepage.


For students we provide step by step instructions concerning TUMonline.


Frequently asked questions of TUM students concerning TUMonline.

Introductory Courses

We offer IT introductory courses including TUMonline for new students at the beginning of each semester.


IT-Support If you have a question or a technical problem related to TUMonline, our IT support team will be glad to assist you: it-support@tum.de