Managing emails

Today, it's hard to imagine carrying out our daily work activities without email. This simple and uncomplicated method of communicating significantly simplifies day-to-day activities, even if the "communications partner" is currently unavailable.

It goes without saying that the "bad guys" have discovered that email can provide a way to propagate malware or pilfer sensitive information, such as credit card, bank or system access data.

Follow these guidelines to protect yourself:

Use caution when handling suspicious emails and attachments.

  • Be careful with the content of unknown emails and attachments. It could be a phishing email.
  • Never open an attachment or click on a link if you don't trust the originator. Attachments can conceal malware. The link could direct you to a website that immediately installs malware on your computer without you realizing it.

Protection against unwanted emails

  • LRZ flags unwanted emails with a special symbol. Since both malicious and ad emails are flagged, here, you can use this symbol for your own protection. To find out how this works, read the article on protection against unwanted emails.

Be careful with confidential data