IT security information and tips for employees

Below you will find various information and tips designed to simplify IT security in your daily work activities. 

Secure workplace

Here you will find some helpful guidelines for managing computers, the Internet, e-mail and data in a secure manner. 

Mobile device security 

The use of work-issued smartphones or your own tablets/smartphones in the workplace (also known as bring your own device or BYOD) brings with it new security risks. Here you will find tips and recommendations to help you use these devices securely. 


Here you can find tips for creating and protecting your password.

Dos and Don'ts

Apart from the general suggestions, we have also put together TUM- specific instructions, suggestions and guidelines for you.

Confidential data

We put together a number of tips for you concerning the handling of confidential data at TUM. This includes information for users as well as for administrators.

Security underway

While underway you should also be careful that no unauthorized persons are able to read, overhear or steal your confidential data.