Media & Design

Corporate design templates, leture recording, MOOCs and more: TUM and LRZ offer a wide range of media and design services.

Corporate Design

All TUM institutions have access to the visual content design service for online and offline media. We also provide corporate design templates for students.

Graphic Design

Broschures, posters, flyers and more: ProLehre Media and Didactics supports your project.


Tips and tools round about eLearning offers ProLehre Media and Didactics.

Lecture Recording

Mediasite allows instructors to record their own lectures and make the material available to students with minimum effort.

Video Production

All institutions at TUM have access to a central service for producing videos that are used in the classroom, for presenting research projects and results and for profiling your own facility.


TUM offers online courses that are free of charge and accessible around the world: MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses. For high-quality video production recording, the Media Center operates a professionally-equipped studio.

Multimedia Laboratory

A0 scanning, film scanning, video recording workplaces and more: For special multimedia services you can use the workplaces at LRZ.

Streaming Server

Via the LRZ Streaming Server you can provide videos, live streams and other multimedia content.

Surveys via EvaSys

Use EvaSys for your survey.