Protection against third-party access

If you are away from your computer, make sure it's not accessible to other people. Just like the door to an office or home, a computer should also be "closed."

Configure the screensaver

Utilize a password-protected screensaver.

Lock the computer

Lock the computer even if you leave your desk or a computer from the CIP pool for a brief time only, or secure your tablet or smartphone with a pin.

Don't let the device out of your sight

Never leave your laptop, tablet or smartphone unattended. They can disappear quickly, even in a supposedly safe environment like a library

Peeping Tom protection

Set up your computer so that others cannot glance at confidential data on the screen.

If you work with sensitive data, make sure no one has a view of the monitor. If you are in a mobile workspace like the subway, position yourself so that the person behind you or beside you cannot see the screen.

  • At your desk, for instance, you can position the monitor so that it's not visible from the door.
  • If you frequently work while underway, privacy films (smartphones) and privacy filters (laptops) are good tools that are easy to install and remove.