The Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ) provides systems for administering managed Windows and Apple computers.

Managed Windows Computer (TUM PC)

The IT Service Center, in conjunction with the LRZ, provides a system for administering managed Windows PCs. Organisations can define various PC types and software packages, such as admin or laboratory PCs, which are integrated in the active directory. The software is automatically installed, administered and updated through SCCM.

Managed Apple Computer (MWN-MAC)

The LRZ provides a system for administering managed Apple computers under OSX in the Munich Scientifc Network (MWN). With these tools you can reduce the administration of the life cycle management for your chair MACs to a minimum.

Client Management (Baramundi)

Several areas of the university use the Baramundi software for client management as a supplement to the managed TUM-PC. Although these areas have barely been networked to date, cooperation between the various areas of TUM certainly makes sense, particularly when it comes to configuration problems or contract negotiations.

If you use Baramundi and are interested in internal TUM cooperation, please contact Mr Robert Dietl at the Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering Department.


The Teamviewer program allows the system administrator to access a computer for remote service.