E-mail migration at TUM

IntegraTUM, a project carried out between 2003 and 2009, laid the foundation for the centralization of the TUM IT landscape. A sub-project and subsequent expert committee were formed with the goal of centralizing the numerous separate TUM e-mail systems. 

Expert Committee recommends Microsoft Exchange

In its final report on October 5, 2010, the committee recommended that "the Leibniz Computer Center be tasked with the further operation and expansion of MS Exchange as the primary communication platform for e-mail and groupware functions." They furthermore recommended that "the ITSZ form a team to support the migration of proprietary e-mail systems to the centralized service."

Migration of more than 90 E-Mail Domains

The migration team assumed its responsibilities in early 2011. By early 2014, more than 90 legacy e-mail domains (e-mail address groups) and more than 40 e-mail servers had been migrated to the central TUM-LRZ MS Exchange server. At the beginning of 2014, counting the e-mail domains from the previous pilot project and the newly added domains, the central TUM-LRZ MS Exchange system was handling around 28,000 e-mail accounts belonging to 130 domains. 

At the end of 2013, apart from the central MS Exchange service, there were an additional 30 e-mail/groupware systems in operation. Still more e-mail systems that emanate from the previous standard organization structure through LRZ projects are being manually administered. In order to achieve the best possible synergies, ITSZ is actively supporting the migration of these domains to the central MS Exchange system. 

Interface to the TUM identity management system

Apart from the professional operation, data security and universal worldwide access via all popular e-mail clients and browsers, the centralized service offers many other benefits through the interface to the TUM identity management system. These include a continually updated address book with all personal and functional e-mail addresses and automatic up-to-date distribution lists, such as for the employees of TUM schools and departments. 


If you are interested in migrating a proprietary mail server or an LRZ project domain to a modern system, please contact us at it-support@tum.de.