DocGS: Implementation of a doctoral candidate management system

The online platform DocGS ( maps the whole doctorate life cycle of all TUM cadidates - also medicine candidates. All user groups (candidates, administration, TUM Graduate School, etc.) have access to the web-based, database-supported application designed for administering doctoral candidates.

Established for the TUM Graduate School, this software solution was introduced by the IT Servicecenter in three phases:

  • registration processes,
  • dissertation processes,
  • examination processes.

Since phase 1 was introduced at 1.1.2014 dissertations at TUM are registered comprehensively.

Phase 1: Entry on the Doctoral Candidacy List

Officially the doctorate life cycle starts with the entry on the doctoral candidacy list. The departments check the doctorate requirements. Afterwards the candidates are getting members of the TUM Graduate School. (January 2014)

Phase 2: Dissertation/Qualification Process

Phase two of the project covers the actual writing and supervision of the dissertation, the qualification process at the TUM Graduate School and its graduate centers, the annual review/feedback and administration of members and funding (January 2015).

Phase 3: Examination process

Since January 2016 all dissertations are submitted online via DocGS at the central TUM Office of Doctoral Programs. Then follow the initiation of the conferral process in the dean's offices (including written and oral examination) and grading of the dissertation. Publication is carried out in conjunction with the dean's office and the library, after which the Office of Doctoral Programs prints the certificate as a final step (January 2016).

Project Manager TUM Graduate School

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