Migration to the New Confluence Wiki

Since January 2016 a new Wiki system of TU München is operating. It is based on the software Confluence by Atlassian. The IT Management of TUM ist responsible for this IT service and it is operated by the Leibniz Rechenzentrum (LRZ).

More information about the system: https://wiki.tum.de/

  • Currently the Wiki content is migrated from the old Wiki Spaces system (https://www.wiki.tum.de/) to the new Wiki system on demand.
  • New wikis are arranged only in the Confluence wiki system.
  • The TUM Wikispaces system will be shut down in the summer of 2017. The existing content will be deleted as a result.


Foto von Bernhard Maier

Bernhard Maier

Foto von Andreas Kohler

Dipl.-Kfm. (Univ.) Andreas Kohler