What Is the Central Storage?

TUM offers centrale storage to all students, employees and guests of TUM. It is a secure, highly available data storage, protected from unauthorized access.

Personal Storage and Project Storage

  • Every user has a personal storage with a huge storage space.
  • Furthermore project storage can be configured to faciliate cooperation between working groups in chairs, faculties and beyond.
  • For short term data interchange a temporary storage area is open to all users.  Please note: This drive is accessible for all members of the Munich Scientific Network (MWN)!

Easy Data Restoring via Snapshots

Central storage creates regularly so called "snapshots". Snapshots offer an easy possibility to restore accidentally deleted or damaged files. These snapshots are accessible by the user. Thus there is no need of interaction with an system administrator.

Reachable via VPN and Internet

Central storage is operated by LRZ. LRZ takes care of secure operations (backup, mirroring etc.). Central storage can be reached from the Munich Campus Net (MWN).

For access via the internet you either need a VPN connection or you can use the webdisk.

More information: Handbuch für den zentralen Online-Speicher (only available in German)