What kind of websites are available at TUM and what do they contain?

Because TUM has such a diverse web landscape, we'd like to use this opportunity to provide you an overview of the various web systems and the centralized/decentralized websites.

TUMonline (Campus Management)

TUMonline (campus.tum.de) is the university's campus management system and central directory. TUMonline integrates and links all processes that are relevant to the academic programs at TUM, from enrollment application and lectures to exams and alumni membership.

TUMonline also serves as the central directory for all members, telephone numbers, schools and facilities, rooms, course offerings and exams.

TUM portal (external presence)

The central TUM portal (www.tum.de) is TUM's face to the outside world. Here you can find all important information about TUM, plus other information related to research areas, study programs, international programs, university life and industry.

MyTUM portal (intranet/extranet)

MyTUM (http://portal.mytum.de) is the university's intranet and extranet portal. The service compass in particular contains information about key business processes and points of contact, as well as all important forms (business travel requests, third-party procurement, human resources administration, corporate design templates, etc).

Access to much of the content is restricted and available only to members of the university with TUM ID.

Moodle (eLearning)

Moodle (www.moodle.tum.de) is TUM's central eLearning platform. It offers online learning spaces that allow lecturers to make various material and activities for communication, collaboration and self-learning available. Students can use Moodle courses at anytime and from anywhere and in accordance with their own learning needs.

Alumni portal

The alumni portal (www.together.tum.de) offers graduates a platform for becoming a part of the TUM network.

School and institution websites

Apart from these central websites, the individual colleges, institutions and departments operate their own web presences, many of which are managed by the central TYPO3 team at TUM.

Discover how you can create your own web presence.