How can I establish an Internet domain?

TUM domains within the Munich Research Network (MWN) can only be requested by institutions, associations and networks that are solely or primarily active on behalf of TUM or fall under the responsibility of TUM.

Please observe the following guidelines when setting up an Internet domain:


Institutions interested in operating domains and web servers within the MWN must obtain approval:

  • Subdomains directly under „" and other 2nd level Domains: approval and order via application form
  • Domains below School/Department domains: Please send your order directly the respective Vice Dean Information Officer who will take care of approval and registration.


The guidelines for issuing domains for TUM institutions within the MWN, as well as the guidelines for web servers, must be observed.


In principle, domains that belong to TUM institutions are managed within the MWN. Only in rare exceptions domains can be operated outside of the MWN by a private provider. In these cases, it's imperative that prior approval be obtained from the CIO. Go to application form

Central TYPO3 offer

Special conditions of use apply to the TYPO3 offer of the ITSZ. Please inform yourself first about the offer and contact the TUM TYPO3 team before submitting a domain application.

If you have questions, please contact the TUM IT-Support: