TUMnet: Social CRM Software For Alumni, Students And Employees

The TUMnet project is a social customer relationship management (CRM) software solution. The project involves the development of a web portal, with an integrated social media portal for the sharing of information between alumni, students and employees that is connected to a CRM system via a middleware/HUB interface. Platform launch started in 2014.

CRM: Administration of Contacts, Events, etc.

The TUMnet CRM solution will be used for administering contacts to students, alumni, employees and external partners and for customer management processes. Other modules such as administration management, donations and companies  will also be implemented. The platform will initially rely on Alumni & Career as the working platform. Other areas of implementation within TUM are planned. 

Internet Portal: Community, Recruiting, etc.

The CRM solution is linked to and controls an Internet portal solution via a middleware interface. The portal solution consists of a social media solution (community), event notification, job and internship portal, recruiting portal and content area (CMS). Members of TUM can use the community area to network and share experiences. The system was developed in accordance with the responsive design guidelines, meaning the pages adapt to various mobile device screens. 

Sub-Projects (last version: December 2018)

  • TUM CRM (customer relationship management)
    • Event management (completed)
    • Personal data records, TUM-specific (completed)
    • Mentoring management (completed)
    • Company data records (completed)
    • Development of further application areas (in implementation)
  • TUMnet (web portal)
    • Event management (completed)
    • Content management system (completed)
    • Community (completed)
    • Recruiting portal (completed)
    • Resume tool (in implementation)
    • Mentoring module (completed)
  • Connection to Shibboleth (completed)
  • TUMonline interface (completed)
  • Middleware/HUB (completed)


Alumni & Career