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Are you responsible for IT services? Are you an IT administrator? Are you generally interested in IT topics at the TUM? Register for the IT newsletter and stay informed.

The IT newsletter is designed to keep you abreast of the latest developments in the field of IT, current IT events, as well as outages and problems impacting the TUM IT system and services. The IT newsletter is published in German and English at irregular intervals and is updated daily as required.

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Our goal is to improve the flow of IT information at the TUM. For this reason, we have a vested interest in the TUM-wide dissemination of IT news from every location and facility within the university. If you want to include IT topics and news from your area in our newsletter, please contact IT Support (it-support@tum.de).

TUM Newsletter

More IT-related information disseminated to university employees can be found in the TUM newsletter for employees (login with TUM ID and password, available only in German) and in the TUM StudiNews