Is there a system for managing customer inquiries?

Yes. For managing customer inquiries we centrally use OTRS (Open Ticket Request System).

Managing via Queues

Via an e-mail address like for instance, all inquiries related to a particular topic – in this case IT – are organized together. A queuing system distributes the inquiries to the responsible support desk employee, who has the option of responding with a standard answer, sending an individual message, working on multiple inquiries at once or forwarding an e-mail to another employee within TUM with a single click

Multiple People for Each Queue

Another advantage is that for each queue multiple people can have access to the incoming e-mails. This allows the inquiries to be worked on without assigning them to a particular employee, thus speeding up the process. To avoid duplicate responses, the system marks inquiries that are currently being processed.

If you regularly respond to customer inquiries, perhaps the OTRS would be suitable for your organization as well. 


For beginners we provide a basic documentation in German: PDF file (1,4 MB) for download


Send an e-mail to if you need further information.

If you would like to set up the OTRS in your organization, we gladly offer training and support. 

For managing e-mails as a team you also can use a shared mailbox.