How do I set up an e-mail distribution list?

E-mail distribution list using the TUMonline functional objects

The TUMonline "Funktionsobjekteverwalter" within your organization can create dynamic e-mail distribution lists that are then available TUM-wide in the Exchange address book via e-mail. These distribution lists are constantly updated and allow you to precisely define who has the right to send e-mails to them.

Technically speaking, the members of a distribution list, or those who have the right to send e-mails to restricted distribution lists, can only be members of the university. You can add external e-mail addresses, but this should be the exception rather than the rule. Members of these distribution lists are visible in the folder, which means you always know with whom you are communicating.

Sending E-mails using TUMonline

You can use TUMonline to send e-mails to a bigger / sepcific audience. Please find more information on this at

Mailman distribution list & newsletter through the LRZ

Do you want to create an e-mail distribution list or send out a newsletter using internal and external addresses? Then the free "Mailman" program from LRZ is the right solution for you.

  • You can use the Mailman program to create your own mailing lists and send out newsletters using addresses that belong to members of the university and external partners.
  • For newsletters, Mailman features the mandatory double opt in registration, which means that the users register with their e-mail address and click the confirmation link as a second step.
  • Users can unsubscribe to the newsletter at any time.

More information at the LRZ website

Mass e-mails

1. Do You want to address a large number of TUM members at irregular intervals, or one-off, via e-mail or from letter?

For this purpose, your department has designated "e-mail distribution administrators" within the TUMonline system. They can create and send out mass e-mails and exports for form letters in your name. The target recipients can be restricted to specific groups within TUMonline, such as all department heads or all research associates within a department.

For assistance, contact the appropriate person in your department. How to find the responsible person in TUMonline.

2. Do You want to reach a specific TUM-wide target group, such as all students or all employees?