Which Login (User Name, Password) Do I Use at Which System?

The TUM account consists of three elements:

  1. TUM ID: Every TUM member possesses a TUM ID in the form of "syllable-number-syllable" (e.g. gu45qac)
  2. TUM e-mail address: Every TUM member possesses one ore more central TUM e-mail addresses, with a @mytum.de oder @tum.de ending, i.e. mustermann@mytum.de or peter.mustermann@tum.de. Your TUM e-mail address you can set up yourself in TUMonline.
  3. Password: you can set up in TUMonline.

For some TUM IT services you need as user name the TUM ID, for some of them the TUM e-mail address and for some of them both are possible. The table shows which user name you can use for which service: