Here we show to you our organizational structure. In TUMonline you can find an overview of our divisions with all contact details and people (only for TUM members).


Management of ITSZ

Picture of Alexander Braun

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Braun

    ITSZ Steering Committee

    The ITSZ Steering Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss and guide the long-term development and strategic alignment of the IT Servicecenter. 


    Central Information Technology (ZIT)

    The main pillar of the ITSZ is Central Information Technology (ZIT), previously referred to as ZA 7. ZIT is responsible for the campus-wide operation of strategically-important IT systems.

    IT-Management Unit (ITM)

    The IT Management (ITM) unit is responsible for the systematic and long-term planning of IT services for the ITSZ.


    IT Support is the primary point of contact for all questions and problems related to IT at the university.

    IT at Garching und Weihenstephan campus

    The Garching and Weihenstephan campuses have their own IT facilities which are responsible for operating the local IT infrastructure and providing local customer support:

    Garching: School of Math and Computer Science Computer Services Group (RBG)

    Weihenstephan: Weihenstephan Information Technology (ITW)