TUM IT Strategy

Digitalization is omnipresent and ubiquitous in our everyday life. Whether it's online courses, campus management systems or social networks for researchers, universities are also feeling the effects of the ongoing digitalization of the world.

Institutions of higher education must find reasonable and efficient ways to exploit these new opportunities for their research, teaching and administrative activities. In 2014, a joint initiative entitled “Hochschulforum Digitalisierung” was launched to create a national platform for sharing information and experiences in this area and to develop solutions and strategies for dealing with digitalization.

TUM is working on a user-optimized and seamless infrastructure to improve the efficiency of research and teaching by cost optimizing at the same time.

Digital University

TUM takes the challenge of digitalization seriously. As early as 2002, the university had already begun implementing the guiding principle of the Digital University (image) in stages to develop an efficient and secure information and communication infrastructure.

As a result, TUM has created an excellent foundation for research, teaching and administration. The spectrum of services ranges from the TUMonline integrated campus management system, the mediaTUM centralized document and publication server to the Moodle e-learning system through to several SAP modules for managing administrative functions. Other services are also available, such as laptop rentals, campus software licenses, a wide selection of electronic media and globally-available data storage, all of which are continuously enhanced through cooperation between TUM information officers, its schools and departments, and students.

Implementation of this goal is the task of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), a position at the vice presidential level that was created in 2001. The CIO works together with the CIO/IO Committee to discuss and implement concepts aimed at optimizing and enhancing the university's information and communication infrastructure.

Corporate IT Systems and Services (ITSZ)

In order to provide operational support to the CIO, the university merged all of the corporate IT divisions to create the Corporate IT Systems and Services (ITSZ), a single unit tasked with implementing the vision of the Digital University. The ITSZ is responsible for setting up and coordinating the corporate IT systems and services with various partners.

TUM Agenda IT

The "TUM Agenda IT" illustration shows the closed, current and planned projects. It serves as a basis for discussion in various university committees. (current and planned projects)


The "TUM IT-Portfolio" illustration shows an overview of the systems, services, structures and communication channels of Corporate IT Systems and Services. (IT systems and services)