I Can't Find Dates for my Examination/Course and therefore Can't Register. What Can I Do?

This problem frequently occurs with Language Center courses, so we'll base the following solutions on these cases. Generally, however, it applies to all cases where students have attempted to register for an exam using the course number or the "Courses" application. Course numbers are not the same as examination numbers.

Registering via "Exam Dates"

  • Select the organisation (in our example here, the Language Center).
  • Click on the "Exam dates" application.
  • Search for the exam and click on the registration button (screenshot 1).

Registering via "Courses"

  • Click on the "Courses" application.
  • Search for the course and click on the corresponding link in the "SPO C/E/O" column as soon as the link appears (screenshot 2), otherwise continue with "Registerig via Exam Dates".
  • Under "Position within curricula", two important pieces of information appear:
    • confirmation that the course has been assigned to the curriculum
    • information on whether an examination date is available.
  • If a green "P" is shown, an examination date is available. Click on the green "P" to register.

Note: If the exam appears at more than one point in the curriculum, it is important to click on the correct "P" before beginning the registration process. The precise assignment in the curriculum is displayed by clicking on the "…" button.