How Do I Access the Central Storage Using Linux?

Supported Linux Versions

Offical support is given for Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 11. Other versions (eg. different Linux distributions, other Unix Systems like Solaris) work as well, but cannot be supported completly.

Mount a Drive

Newer Linux kernels of versions 2.6 or higher have a CIFS module. With this module you can mount central storage as follows:

mount –t cifs // /mnt/pfad -o username=,domain=ADS


mount –t cifs // /mnt/pfad -o username=ne23mek,domain=ADS

User name is the TUM ID. The password must be given on the command line. Alternatively you can use an environment variable, a file or a pipe to enter your password. See the manpage of mount.cifs for more details.

Common Problems

Some common problems you can find in the storage manual.