Why is there no Wi-Fi (eduroam) access here?

At TUM, eduroam is available in all lecture halls, practice rooms and common areas such as libraries and cafeterias, as well as in some office spaces. For several reasons, 100 percent coverage is unfortunately not available.

Further information


  • In areas that are open to all students, such as seminar and lecture rooms and libraries, eduroam is installed free of charge.
  • If you are familiar with any areas where students tend to congregate in groups and where eduroam is not available, please write to us at it-support@tum.de. We will determine if we can make access available in this area.


  • In principle, Wi-Fi access is not provided in office areas and meeting rooms. If you still want to have it, please arrange the connectivity through the responsible Information Officer at your department or via LRZ. In this case there will be costs that your organization will be responsible for assuming.
  • If you decide to install your own Wi-Fi access points, approval from LRZ is required.


  • The Wi-Fi access points (eduroam) installed in the seminar rooms are designed for a limited number of users. To ensure that your lectures/exercises run as smoothly as possible, if necessary please ask the students in attendance to power off their devices.
  • For architectural reasons, not every room or space can be furnished equally well with eduroam access. In rooms where we have the possibility to equally distribute the access points across the seats and install them so that they are not too far apart from one another, we are in a position to provide better Wi-Fi access. For this reason, if eduroam access is an important tool for your lecture, when possible you should utilize rooms in which you have already had good experience with Wi-Fi-intense lectures.
  • If eduroam access still does not function despite the suggestions we provided here, please let us know. We want you and your students to enjoy optimal Wi-Fi utilization. We therefore rely on your feedback. To ensure that your inquiry is handled as quickly and correctly as possible, please send us the following information.