What is a "user certificate" and how can I get one?

Certificates for users are the digital equivalent to an identity card: using such certificates, users can digitally proof their identity to other users orservices. Using such certificates, users have a proof that an e-mail or document really originates from a particular user, that the information was not modified in its way and in addition, users can encrypt information and make communication confidential between users. Besides the use with e-mail, digital certificates can be used for a large variety of use cases:

  • Securing e-mail communication with S/MIME (e.g. with Outlook, Thunderbird)
  • Protecting digital documents to proof authorship and against modifications (e.g. with documents and spreadsheets in MS Office and LibreOffice or PDFs with Adobe Acrobat)
  • On-line identity verification (e.g. in on-line registration processes)
  • On-line authentication (e.g. on websites or other services)

TUM provides X.509 user certificates free of charge in collaboration with DFN and the DFN PKI for its members which can be used for the purposes described above. Additional information (German only)

And this is how you can obtain a certificate:

1. Register on-line

To obtain a certificate, the first step is to register on-line. Depending on where you are located, choose one of the following registration authorities:

In the last step, you will obtain a registration form you have to print out.

2. Identity verification

Please contact the responsible persons afterwards. In most cases you will need to come in person with the printed application and your identity card or passport (ID card or passport; no TUM student cards et al) to one of the following locations:

  • Campus Munich (except department EI):
    • Wolfgang Nowarre, Richard-Wagner-Str. 18, 3rd floor; 
    • Karmela Vellguth, Karlstraße 45, 5th floor, room 5011
  • Department EI: Hans Ranke, Arcisstr. 21, room 2913; more information
  • Department PH: Josef Homolka, James-Franck-Str. 1, room 5101.EG.246
  • Campus Weihenstephan: ITW-Helpdesk; more information
  • Research Neutron Source: Jörg Pulz; more information

Under certain conditions it is possible to perform personal identification via video identification. If you prefer this method, please indicate it in your contact request.

3. Obtain your certificate on-line

After identity check, you certificate will be issued and you will be notified per e-mail. With this mail you obtain a link where you can download the certificate.

4. Install your certificate and import it into yout e-mail program (Outlook)

Please read our step-by-step instructions.