IT Services for Students

Here you can find all important IT services for your studies at TUM.

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Students at TUM
Students at TUM
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At the beginning of the semester we offer an IT presentation for students, available also as video. Further information

Our IT guide provides a lot of helpful tips and manuals for the most important IT services. IT guide (available as PDF download or booklet)



The IT Support is your central point of contact for questions concerning IT topics.


Here you can find answers on frequently asked IT questions.

Outage and Maintenance Notification

The central outage and maintenance notification system keeps you up-to-date on which IT systems and services are available and when.


Trainings & Manuals


IT guidelines for students and employees, as PDF files for download or print versions.

TUM IT Trainings

Trainings and webinars for Microsoft Office products, SAP, TYPO3, TUMonline, etc.

Documentations & Manuals

Manuals and documentations for the most important TUM IT services.

IT Trainings of LRZ

The LRZ offers a wide range of IT trainings, e.g. for Microsoft Office products, Photoshop, etc.

Video Training

The website Lynda offers online video trainings in German and English language for a wide range of topics and software products, free of charge for TUM members.



E-Mail - General Information

All students, employees and guests automatically get a personal TUM e-mail address. You can use this address as lifelong forwarding address.

TUM E-Mail Address

You can create your own TUM e-mail address (e.g. in TUMonline.


E-mail, calendars, shared mailboxes and more: all information about Exchange.


Webmail allows you to access your Exchange e-mails worldwide and at any time via the internet.



Software Download

Microsoft, MathWorks, anti-virus protection & more: TUM provides numerous free and low-cost software products for its students and employees. Go to software




Wireless access to the internet via eduroam or LRZ WiFi (VPN-Client required).

Internet Services of the LRZ

General information of the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ) on MWN internet services.


TUM Account & TUMCard

TUM Account

All students, employees and guests of TUM receive a central computer ID called TUM account. It consists of the TUM ID (e.g. gu27cat) and a password that can be set in TUMonline.


With your TUM ID and the password you can access most of the central TUM IT services, e.g. the WiFi, the e-mail system Exchange, the online storage and much more.

TUMCard (TUM Identification Card)

Employees and students get a multifunctional chipcard as TUM identification card.



Online Storage (NAS)

The Leibniz Rechenzentrum (LRZ) offers central storage (= NAS) to all students, employees and guests of TUM. It is a secure, highly available data storage, protected from unauthorized access. Every TUM member gets a personal storage space. Institutions can order a project storage.

Access to the Storage

You can access the online storage via drive connection, VPN connection or via internet. A TUM account is required.


The LRZ Sync+Share service allows you to securely save your data, synchronize it across multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and also share and exchange it with others around the world.




Here you can find information and manuals for TUMonline, the campus management system of TUM.



Central Learning Platform Moodle

The central elearning platform of TUM: Take advantage of the online classrooms.



Electronic Library Services

Online catalogs, ejournals, reference management and more: services of the TUM library.


Computer Workstations & Laptops

Computer Workplaces & CIP Pools

A lot of computer workplaces are available for students at the departments, at the library and at the Leibniz Computing Center (LRZ).

Notebooks for Loan

The student council (AStA) and some departments lend laptops to students for their studies.


Printing & Scanning


For students several printing services are available.


At the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ) TUM members can use scanners, e.g. a film scanner and a large scale scanner.


Communication & Collaboration


The LRZ Sync+Share service allows you to securely save your data, synchronize it across multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and also share and exchange it with others around the world.


Collecting and sharing knowledge: For a fast and uncomplicated collaboration in small work groups all TUM members can use the wiki system free of charge.

Mobile Apps

Mensa, carpool service, TUMonline and more: Here you can find all mobile apps of TUM, developed by TUM members.


GitLab is a distributed version management software. It can be used as a tool for collaborative software management as well as a version control system for your thesis.


The "ShareLaTeX @ TUM" online editor allows TUM members to quickly and easily work on LaTeX documents together.

Web/Video Conferences with Meet

All TUM members can use the LRZ web conferencing system Meet in fast and easy way via a web browser.


Via GigaMove all members of TUM have a tool for the secure exchange of web-based files as large as 2 gigabytes with external partners.


Media & Design

Corporate Design

All TUM institutions have access to the visual content design service for online and offline media. We also provide corporate design templates for students.


Tips and tools round about eLearning offers the TUM Mediacenter.

Multimedia Laboratory

A0 scanning, film scanning, video recording workplaces and more: For special multimedia services you can use the workplaces at LRZ.

Streaming Server

Via the LRZ Streaming Server you can provide videos, live streams and other multimedia content.